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On March 2017, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) launches its new project towards climate change research in Taiwan-- Taiwan Climate Change Information and Knowledge Service Programme. This project merges research resources from the predecessors including TCCIP (Taiwan Climate Change Projection and Information Platform) and TaiCCAT (Taiwan integrated research program on Climate Change Adaptation Technology), aims at developing an integrated platform for climate change service for domestic departments, local governments, industries and the public. In the near future, we will introduce a whole new climate change service integrated platform, providing the latest and more complete climate change data, information, knowledge and wisdom. Before the new website operates, this TCCIP website will maintain its original service. For more information introducing the new project, please visit About Us


2016 TCCIP Workshop Applications of Climate Change Projection

2016/03/08 - 2016/03/10
Workshop on High-Resolution Climate Simulation, Projection and Application
2015/01/19 - 2015/01/20
2014 TCCIP International Workshop on Climate Change
2014/01/13 - 2014/01/16
2013 International Conference on Climate Change
2013/01/15 - 2013/01/17
2011 International Conference on Climate Change
2011/12/06 - 2011/12/08
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Climate Change in Taiwan: Scientific Report 2011
TCCIP Introduction 2016 (English)
TCCIP Introduction 2013 (English)
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